Diabolus Cruor - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

Diabolus Cruor is a Melodic Black-Death-Metal band from Lower Saxony, Germany.

The band was founded by the guitarist Timios Z. and the Keyboarder Sascha J. in summer ‘07.

After a short while the bass guitarist Arac Gorgor alias Tim S. joined them and finally the drummer Michael M. completed the band.

At april ‘08 the lead-vocalist had to leave the band, so Arac Gorgor and Timios are doing the voices since that time.

This quite weighty line-up change unfortunately involved a completely new rehearsal of the songs. After surviving this, Diabolus Cruor turned their attention to new songs and lyrics and is going to storm the stages again.

The style of the band goes from melodic black-metal with classical influences up to aggressive death-metal parts. Hard guitar riffs highlighted by pianos and bowed instruments, even oriental instruments – all of these things make the unique sound of Diabolus Cruor!



Timios Z. - Guitar + Vocals

Arac Gorgor - Bass + Vocals

Sascha J. - Keyboard + Background-Vocals

Michael M. - Drums

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