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Disemballerina’s core commiserated and lit their first floor candles in 2009 with a friendship sparked between guitarist Ayla Holland and violist/harpist Myles Donovan. Veterans of many louder bands over the years in the D.I.Y. Metal scene on both coasts, the two bonded over a shared love of chamber music, funereal doom and ritualistic ceremony as well as a mutual est

rangement in their participating subcultures due to being out, freakish and queer. Originally a 3 piece joined by cellist Melissa Collins, the band has gone through a number of other string players over the years, previously collaborating with Lost Lockets violinist Fiona Petra and currently Marit Schmidt of Vradiazei. Disemballerina composed an intro for thrash metal band Order of The Gash on their last LP, and has played shows at locations as varied as abandoned train cars, warehouses and outdoor gazebos. They are consistently booked as the acoustic “calm before the storm” at Metal bar shows. Based out of Portland, OR; they have acquired an international ‘KVLT’ fan-base and draw instrumental inspiration from themes such as datura poisoning, nursing home dementia, bulls impaling their madators, saturn returning, an herbal combination that made graverobbing possible during times of the plague, carpathia romanticized as both a location and source of mental disassociation, playing a disgusting crone in dungeons and dragons, falling out of destructive love, gender roles explored in some of the later Oz books, and gay 9 year olds committing suicide.



“What is the sound of being locked in a box, being transported to a bleak riverside, being gently slid into the river, sinking to the bottom and then being slowly enfolded by cold black waters, closing your eyes, opening them again some endless time later, realising you are conscious but not breathing, finding yourself in a stark, denuded landscape, alone, blasted by ice-razor winds, crawling into a solitary dark stone hovel on the moorland for shelter, being grabbed from behind, thrown into a box, being locked in the box, being transported to a bleak riverside, being gently slid into the river, sinking to the bottom and then being slowly enfolded by cold black waters and then closing your eyes?

It is the sound of Disemballerina’s “Sundowning.” Good night.” -Warren Ellis

“Disemballerina’s bleak, sullen, brooding string arrangements would provide the perfect accompaniment on a ride across the river Styx.”

-Portland Mercury

“slow, dark and melancholy in the vein of funereal doom.”

-Mamimum Rocknroll

“dynamic instrumentals performed with cello, viola, harp, and acoustic guitars, at times introspective and at others, violent and reckless.”

-Cosmic Hearse Blog

“sounds like a renaissance era existential crisis.”

-robin william knuckles blog

“alternately serene and stormy: sometimes they’re gothically graceful, with melodic lines that intertwine like the veins on a fallen autumn leaf, and other times they grow as fast and lashing as an icy winter gale.”

-Sf Weekly

“they have a terrible name. fucking incredible.”

-Don Anderson, Agalloch