DJ Vaile Cearo - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

DJ Vaile Cearo was born in the U.S. in North Dakota. He spent the major part of his child-hood however, in Fergus Falls, Minnesota. When he hit the 7th grade he moved back to his ND where he started taking more of an interest in music. By the eighth grade he started making music arrangements on a game release for the X-Box. A year later he moved into sound editing with computer software. Then, the next year he again moved up with actually mixing original tracks as a hobby; then in his senior year of high school, he began taking it more seriously. He started actually mixing tracks out of a passion or a desire. This eventually led to the releases of several songs: Strings, Luniva Visuous, In The Chapel Of Malice, and finally one of his most recognized, Paint It Red. Eventually these songs became the album Necrotic Rave System, which was released 12/31/2010.

DJ Vaile Cearo has no proclaimed style or genre of choice, this is despite of what he most commonly produces. He prefers to experiment with as many themes, sounds, and genre’s as he can. Electronically producing various genre’s such as, Hardstyle, Techno, Darkwave, D’n’B, Rock/Metal, and Orchestral among many others. This is in part because of his widely expanded tastes in music; as well as an inner need to find his own limitations. Also with so many different influences it remains fairly easy and natural to keep a unique sound. A sound that drives him long and hard to perfect.

Details of his more personal life may or may not become revealed at a later time.