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Brief History: Formed in early 2005, amid the arid climate of Southern California where it’s two members first met. Will and Justin began their musical collaboration their sophomore year of high school, and have developed a sound that could be aptly described as “Vampire Weekend meets The Swell Season.”

Though they’ve only recently started performing, the duo have been working hard to rapidly expand their musical talents, even incorporating lesser used instruments such as the mandolin.

Attention surrounding dublinStu has grown significantly. They’ve now got their own Myspace Street Team and Fanspace.


[Vocals, Keyboard, Backing Guitars, Drums]


[Vocals, Lead Guitar, Piano]

Behind the Name: Will was attending boarding school and Justin was attending public school. Soon after school started, Will acquired the nickname Dub Stu (“Dub” for the “W” in “Will,” and “Stu” as in “Sturgeon”). In order to completely capture the awe of his new name, we decided to change Dub to dublin. (Because of Justin’s red hair, one may think he is irish.) Hence, “dublinStu.”