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Legendary DEAD KENNEDYS guitarist EAST BAY RAY and current Dead Kennedys vocalist SKIP McSKIPSTER, from the WYNONA RIDERS, have formed an exciting new band, THE KILLER SMILES. Drummer STEVE WILSON of TATU and bassist GREG REEVES round out the lineup.

The Killer Smiles released their 12 track self-titled album in September 2011 on MVD Audio. The recording was guided by producer (and BUTTHOLE SURFERS guitarist) PAUL LEARY, best known for producing SUBLIME’s massive self-titled CD and their single “Santeria.”

For its members, the name Killer Smiles invokes images of wolves in sheep’s clothing and silver-tongued phonies, those masks people wear to hide their true intentions and con others. Some of the songs deal with this kind of emotional fakery, “You’re Such A Fake,” “Raising the Stakes.” Other songs careen from frenetic post-punk, “It’s Broken,” to cinematically tinged guitar rock, “Area 51,” “The Heart Is Something.” A new classic worthy of the band members’ heavy reputations!

“East Bay Ray’s unmistakable six-string work will see the light of day again.”

—Rolling Stone

“This is a must for any fan of Dead Kennedys.”


“The Killer Smiles may be the closest thing to a new DKs album since 1986’s Bedtime For Democracy.”

—Brooklyn Rocks

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East Bay Ray is currently ranked #3 on Rankopedia.com “Greatest Punk Guitar Players ever” behind only Billie Joe Armstrong and Johnny Ramone. http://www.rankopedia.com/256/Greatest-Punk-Guitar-Players-ever/Step1/10979.htm