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From an early age, this young R&B chanteuse knew what her future held. “It sounds like a cliche,” she says, “but I always knew I was going to sing. I always knew that music was what I was going to do.” You can hear that desire in Ebony Evans voice. It’s a voice that’s sweet, sassy and sultry, with the feel of Nostalgic Love Songs. Ebony Evans brand of soul is both infectious and intoxicating, and it’s evident throughout LUV’S FIRE, her sizzling debut album.

Ebony Evans was born and raised in Harlem, Georgia . As a child, she took singing lessons, performing in a number of local choirs, community and theatrical presentations. She reached a life long decision when she appeared on the famed national television show “Star Search” at the tender age of 12. Ebony Evans soon earned a reputation of a future talented songstress. That same year, she attended a radio party where she met fellow area Augusta, Georgia native, the legendary James Brown, who became taken with Ebony Evans talent. This exposure and confirmation of the talented singing ability of Ebony led to years of preparation for her career. After high school graduation, Ebony moved to Atlanta, Georgia, and decided to take her dreams to the next level.

Bolstered by R&B influences old and new along with a healthy dose of gospel, jazz, blues, rock, and classical composers, Ebony grew up being a student of all music. As she puts it, “My taste is pretty well rounded.” From the moment Ebony entered the studio, she knew that she wanted to unleash a sound that was soulful, yet melodic. Pretty, yet mature. Something different, yet something familiar enough to entice listeners. With offerings like the smooth and jazzy love ballad “Yes I Do” to the infectious ” Somebody Let Him Know” and the uptempo title dance track “Luvs’ Fire”, Ebony Evans is here to unleash songs with substance and passion. Laced with a sultry undercurrent, fueled by an uplifting message about finding your soulmate and being in love with your dreams, “Luvs’ Fire” is more than an R&B record. It’s the opening salvo from a singer who has elevated the stakes for modern day music.

Setting the foundation, “Luv’s Fire” shows the world just how much Ebony Evans has got to give. “It’s been pretty amazing,” she admits. “We really worked hard on those songs and just let our creativity go. I guess this is what happens when you’re focused, have good people around you, and trust your heart and your instincts. I am not here to be anybody but Ebony at the end of the day.”