Eikostate - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

EIKOSTATE, a cross-roads between metal and traditional Chinese & Japanese music, is the new project of the ex-members of the Spanish band *After feed-back (best band 2002 by the National Spanish radio, 2nd best album of 2003 by Rocksound Spain). After a 10 year career, a large amount of concerts around Spain, France and Germany, and with two albums on their shoulders, three of its members (David-Roger-Eloi) and Luis (David’s brother) begin the EIKOSTATE project.

*After feed-back a band of six young members between 16 and 19 years old, released a mini cd called your toy is broken in 1998 that made the band sound on the most important radios in Spain.

In 1999 Af-b recorded a two song demo that was the prove of the band´s potential. International magazines showed interest in the band, like Rocksound which included the track winner or looser on the special metal issue with other big names like Machine Head, Korn, Disturbed.

At that time the band shared the stage with Sugar Ray, Pulkas Finally the band gets the first contract, with the German independent record label Nu-metal recordz (Shark records), and they start the recording of the first album with Detlef Mohrmann in the Mohrmann Tonstudios of Bochum (Germnay),the same place where earlier Kreator, Liquido, Holy Mother, also passed.

Right after the release of the first cd the first emotion, the band leaves Spain for a mini tour through France. The group had an important correspondence on each of the concerts. But not everything was counting glory, the same week the cd was released in Spain, the singer, decides to leave the band. A couple of months later the band has their current formation with the old bass player on the microphone.

Straight after, they record a new 4 theme demo for their label as an advance for their second album.

Af-b appear in the Rocksound magazine on a 4 pages special also including one song of a demo CD to present the new formation and new album. On December 12th the first concert with the new formation takes place sponsored by Rocksound and the clothes brand Eastpak, through Spain. The album, The first emotion was named best album of the year 2002 by the magazine HeavyRock ,and reaches between the 100 best albums of the year on the international ranking in the French edition of Rocksound magazine. They receive good international credits from all over and Afb starts their new year with open doors in Europe. In 2003 Afb recovers from not being able to play many gigs the year before by playing 3 times more than 2002 with a ratio of audience from 300 to 1200 people.They also start the recording of the second album of the band after feed-back again with Detlef Mohrmann.

They start to play again all over the country, and when their contract with Nu-metal recordz is finished, they decide to record a new demo that Detlef Mohrman produces again.

This demo gives them the opportunity to play in front of Roadrunner records in Germany.

After that, some of the members decide to leave the band, for different reasons.

more info: http://www.myspace.com/eikostate