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After Komuna Gorky, Dalibor Pezer, Juraj Birin, Frane Udovicic founded Evil Pony in early 2005.(official in 2006.).The band wrote wrote and made koncerts on local Bikers meetings.The lead vocal and guitarist (D.P.) had a brain cancer diagnose in 2008 and after a year the band is reunited with Viktor Grgas Grando on the drums.Of the band members which were going through Evil Pony I mention Mario Buhic, Dorjana Buntic and Sime Petric.Bass player Frane Udovicic leaves the band and soon is replaced by Vedran Zoric.The band is going through a period of organization but still present.

Today members of EVIL PONY are:

Juraj Birin (guitar)

Dalibor Pezer (Vocal/guitar)

Viktor Grgas Grando (Drums)

Vedran Zoric (Bass)