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Farewell Dear Ghost is Philipp Szalay. Growing up in the mountains of Upper Styria, Austria, Philipp Szalay is a country kid that spent his youth skijumping & cross-country skiing. However, being too lazy to train hard enough to become a professional Sportsman and starting to excessively love the music of Oasis, he started to learn himself how to play guitar in 2006. What started as an attempt to become one of those cool kids, quickly became an obession and in the same year he started to write his first original songs.

In 2008, Philipp headed to Graz to apply to university and to start working on his music more seriously. What followed were years of performing and finding his voice, sound and place on stage, including support shows for profiled artists such as Helgi Jonsson, Scott Matthew, Ezra Furman & The Harpoons and Teenage Fanclub. In 2010 he self-published his Debut EP and is currently working on his very first LP.

Demons in one’s mind, traces one leaves in hollow cities & moments one paints into the night. In alternating live setup 23-year-old Singer/Songwriter Philipp Szalay tries to scream out what one’s afraid to whisper. The rhythm of the songs is the rhythm of the heart, that nearly smashes itself and the disintegrating closeness that burns itself right into it.

…between orchestral campfire sound, a bit of kitsch & the real big shit…

we’ll keep our heartbeats from fading out