Flesh-Like - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

flesh-like is an experimental sound/music project started by artist Emily Kaelin in 2008. Influenced technically by lo-fi, minimalist and musique concrete sensibilities, her work explores the dichotomy of repellent and compelling, repulsive and beautiful, unsettling and comforting; a parallel to Emily’s visual art.

Created using a combination of such material as field recordings, appropriated sounds, keyboards, piano, ukulele, and her own voice, Emily will distort and distress these original sound sources often completely beyond recognition.

To date, she has released 4 full length albums, “An Heirloom” and “Motherlove” in 2009, the double-album “Holy Throat” in 2010, and “Fear, Despair, Desire” in 2011. Upcoming releases for 2012 include an EP titled “Reddish-White: 3 hymns” and a new full-length album, “The Sea is Frozen”.