Frédéric Truong - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

Frenchman Frédéric Truong can be linked to releases under his own name from 2002, and to his project Leitmøtiv.

Frédéric Truong has become a crafted French intimist-pop songs’ author, composer and performer. His albums are filled with tender, sombre and sunny atmospheres. For his albums he works with Laurent Esmez, Christophe Maltin, Léonard Lasry, Sonia Zannad, Mecano, Michaël Hauseler, Matthew Hernandez and of course his daughter Sophie. His music deals with love, war, hope for peace and with years from another dimension that pass through. Happiness and suffering are intimately linked up forever.

This is how he began:

Leitmøtiv is a French (from Nancy) one-man band that plays

principally melanchonic instrumental pieces, full of sadness

and pain, but opened to the light at the same time.

Leitmøtiv is a Frédéric Truong musical project, born in 1991

that sees sometimes collaborations with other musicians to

perform Truong’s wonderful melodies.

The music of Leitmøtiv is inspired by various themes, as the

notes of Suspended Moment retrospective suggest. Through the

past full-length albums in fact it’s possible see inspiration by cinema,

emotions, feelings, war and racism refuse.

The last and wonderful surprise from this artist comes from

the birth of her daughter Sophie that became his muse.

The most of Leitmøtiv works were released by own label,

Karismatik, that now is dead. So it was very difficult to find

these underground works, but now they are distribuited

by FTR, the new label of the artist.

This page reached the status of “official site” thanks to Frédéric’s

generosity, who believed in this work from the beginning.

During 2002, Frédéric Truong finally decided to close Leitmøtiv project.

So after the last masterpiece album Parc Sainte-Marie, he began

to release records under its own name.