Fractal Structure - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

Maxim Holod was born in Bendery (Moldova) on April 18, 1985. His mother was a professional vocalist and at the age of 7, Max was stimulated to follow piano lessons. But after only one year he gave up because it was too boring.

On his search for a music style he liked, he came across electronic music at the age of 14. Crystal Method was the first act which could draw his attention. After that he was listening to rave and breakbeat.

In 1999, Max moved to Belgium and was immediately caught by the Belgian trance music. The first day he was in the country, he heard Push – Universal Nation and he was sold. After two years of listening to this energetic music, he decided he wanted more. He soon started to experiment with different types of software to produce his own music.

After a lot of practicing, in 2003 Max founded the Fractal Structure project. One year later, his tune named Lost Sequence was picked by Somatic Sense label . The track was massively supported by the world’s greatest DJ’s. The big success of his first release motivated Max to work even more and the result was fantastic! The follow-up to Lost Sequence was signed very shortly. This time it was an EP release with 2 brand new trance tunes: Natural Signs and A Feeling to Remember. Before the official release it reaches the 1st position in the Technics IDP Dutch Dance Charts. Recently, Max has also remixed the tracks by the artists like Pulser and Filo & Peri and once again, his work was very well received by the crowd. In a very short time, Fractal Structure became one of the favorite artists of many trance lovers. The future looks very promising for this young and talented guy.