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For the last 5 years, Ganjaguru has been carving a niche in the hard dance scene but his recent success over the last 3 has created a well-built reputation making his name a buzzword on the Malaysian and Melbourne circuit scene.

The co-founder of the Bass Agents, Ganjaguru can be seen playing a diverse range of hard funk, tech-trance, hard techno, Nu-Nrg, hard trance, hard house and hardstyle. His focus; hard driving relentless basslines. Their crew consists of Ganjaguru, Xt-Acid, & Didjital. They all decided to go under the name Bass Agents and later that year formed Chronictraxxx their own Hard Dance label, which they will use to release their own stuff in the future.

In 2003, Ganjaguru competed in Victoria’s Future DJ Comp. As the only one in the comp that plays hard house, he showed immense capability and sheer determination by capturing the 2nd runner up title. Not satisfied with the result, he decided to enter the Hard Kandy (Melbourne’s premier hard dance club then) Bedroom Vs Mainroom DJ Comp. Once again, he proved himself worthy by climbing the ranks through competition and ended up as a finalist going 1 vs 1 his favourite Hard Kandy DJ. The competition did not turn out the way he wanted. Krash called in sick therefore he got to play alone. However this did not hamper or weaken him, it was the perfect time to show case his skills.

During his shows, it’s typical to see him grabbing, twisting and manipulating clusters of knobs buttons and faders, all precisely moved to follow his momentary sonic path. They often call him “the devastator,” chasing the inspiration flowing through him manipulating the sound. Nothing is planned until seconds before it occurs, and when it does, it is extremely deliberate. Sometimes daring and unexpected but strangely fitting sounds are injected into the system on the fly, displaying a true love for his craft. Not afraid to experiment, he risks humiliation before hundreds.

With these 2 titles under his belt, his popularity grew and by the end of 2003 the Bass Agents have graced the decks @ Reclaim, BPM, Cage and Sirens. It is at Sirens where both Xt-Acid and Ganjaguru played alongside Paul Brisk of Stimulant Djs fame. Travelling then was not an issue as they were still university students so at the end of the year, Ganjaguru flew back to Kuala Lumpur to play at Ohm alongside local heroes Nicky C and Jungle Jerry and to headline the infamous “Mo Far Core” party held at Barcode organized by fellow agent, Xt-Acid.

In 2004, Ganjaguru got into serious music production and the objective was to improve and create a more defined sound. To date, he has produced DeadBeat, Darthstyle, Hard Sequence, This Groove, Moment, Bad Ass Sounds, Emotion and many other bootleg remixes. On the other hand, he would secure 5 hour gigs regularly. This process involves an hour of warming up, and the mastering of the flow of seamless genre shifting within one set with such technical mastery. From house to hard funk the Bass Agents has also been known to execute sessions of straight ahead metallic hard techno without an ounce of deviation. Many factors contribute to where a set will go, but the final product will always end up hard as nails.

In 2005, Ganjaguru got his lucky break and was offered a residency at Melbourne’s one and only (and longest running) Thursday Night Dance Club, Elevation. Just 3 short months @ Elevation, Ganjaguru was called upon to join the Tuned Nu-Skool DJ team. He currently holds residencies at ‘Elevation’ at Altitude (Melbourne), and ‘Tuned’ at the Tunnel (Melbourne). He is also a regular guest with PHD and the rest of the Asian collective.

To date, Ganjaguru has played alongside the Organ Donors, Yakooza, Technikal (Kompression Records), Steve Hill (Masif), Dark By Design, Phil York, Andy Whitby, Paul Brisk, Dave Joy, Carl Nicholson, Charlotte Birch, D-10, Andy Whitby, Yoshi and Dj Nervous.

As for the future adventures of Ganjaguru, it is anyone’s guess, but a good bet would be a new mix CD reflecting his latest musical evolution and perhaps some new original music as well. We asked about the future and he said:

“You’ll see me pushing the music and cultural boundaries while staying connected to the evolution of my principles. Keep it tidy, keep it real and keep it hard!”