Gareth Williams - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

1. Gareth Williams(1953-2001) Formerly a member of This Heat, the innovative UK band that bridged the gap between Prog and Post-Punk. he left the group in ‘81 to go to India, later co-authoring The Rough Guide To India. In 1985 Gareth, together with Mary Currie, made the cassette-only collection of songs Flaming Tunes. Gareth died of cancer Dec 24 2001. Flaming Tunes was rereleased in summer 2009 on CD.

2. Gareth Williams (Born 1982) Aspiring musician - Work ranges from Electronic and Alternative Rock to Symphonic and Orchestral Scores. Born in the North-east of England he is currently developing works for future projects.