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[RIP] DENNIS: KEYS, MIDI-NES AND SCREAMS SIMON: SCREAMS, KEYS AND GAMEBOYS Альбомы: SOON I'LL FEED YOU THE WORLD [EP] YEHONALA SPLIT TAPE The End Is Close. Almost No Need For Money We are Simon and Dennis. Аlso known as Go! With Fourteen O. We try to mix old technology with new ideas, creating a passionate, noisy, bleepy, aggressive, pushy and genuine 8bit-Screamo-Hardcore mixdown, to our knowledge never before seen or heard. What started as an obscure side project has now, as with so many bands before, grown to a hard hitting and full fledged band and we're always trying to elevate our musical- and on-stage performances to new levels. Gone are the pseudonyms and the secretive nature of this project and what constitutes GWFO right now is an honest, naked reflection of our views about the world, artistic energy, bottled up emotions, great determination, love and vast discontent. What we offer you is an alternative, both concerning ideology and musical preferences, to the soul slaughtering structures that operates our current society. What we are immensely thrilled about is the great response and the love we've been getting from fans all over, and we'll continue to nurture our unstoppable urge to bring you all that we can give in the studio and live. When the weight of the system is pushing you down, try to remember the stuff that matters. Remember art. Remember passion. Remember to question EVERYTHING. Remember to strive. GO! wih fourteen O are dead... User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License and may also be available under the GNU FDL.