Gold Lounge - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

Gold Lounge is the musical project of Michele Effe.

Michele effe is an Italian musician and composer born in 1966.

Since childhood, he loved to repeating the songs listened on the radio with his little keyboard and for this reason he started to study piano very soon at the age of six.

The first preferred music style of Michele is been the funky & disco music from the 70s and later ,during the 80s, the electronic sound from the first new-wave of the 80s.

But was in the 90s that he had the opportunity to further improve his musical experience when he started his carrer as DJ playing in various clubs in Italy. During this years he produced some House records with a group called “Omnia Tria” . who received a good success in many european country.

He partecipated to different project and remix., for example he remixed for the international DMC (disco mix club) a famous Hit from the 70s “You too me are everything - Real Things” and the house hit “Gypsy Woman -Crystal Waters”.(

His passion for all kind of music finally has found a new stimulation with the genres of chillout and lounge that Michele has discovered during an holiday in the island of Ibiza.

In his music you can find a lot of contaminations due to the different types of music heard and loved during his musical career. Currently the music of Michele Effe ranges from Chillout to Electronic through Ambient.