Gunilla Thorn - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

Gunilla was born on the 14th May in 1944 in Malmö, Sweden. Her first foray into recording was initiated by photographer and fellow Swede Jan Olofsson, who took her to London where she introduced and worked with the legendary Joe Meek in 1963. Here she recorded the single “Go On Then/Merry-go-round” as well as the unreleased “He’s Mine” and “We’re Chasing Something In Another Way” As expected of his character, Joe was quite an eccentric character for Gunilla to work with, including speeding up her recordings so much it destroyed some of them. The guitarist on “Go On Then” is Richie Blackmore

After her work with Joe Meek and The Tornadoes in England, Gunilla released a cover of Johnny Cash’s Walk the Line in 1965 with Danish group The Defenders, and then another single in 1966 with another Danish group, The Beethovens. This recording (Our Love/Jealous Woman) is generally regarded as Gunilla’s finest recording moment, and has been described as one of the best female garage releases from the sixties! During this time she toured extensively, taking in such countries such as Switzerland, England, Germany, Australia, America, Korea and the Netherlands - This also included a stay in Vietnam in 1967-68 where she entertained the American troops, performing under the name Nilla. she later became a cruise ship singer. After a brief partnership with Sonny Guerrero of folkgroup The Immigrants, Gunilla left the music biz in the 70’s to begin her own business.