Heaven's Wish - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

Heaven’s Wish is the only studio album by American Sleaze Glam band Heaven’s Wish. Released in 1994 by Suncity Records.

The third signing we have got for you we are extremely proud to announce is the signing of Detroit’s premiere Hard Rock band Heaven’s Wish. Forming in 1984 as a five-piece, it was ten tough years of touring, writing and recording until these boys stuck it big time when they got signed to Universal Records USA. Heaven’s Wish were never given a real chance as 1994 was the break through year for Grunge. Over the first ten years as a band Heaven’s Wish achieved some quite substantial highlights, which included picking up the 1990 best band award for 101.1 WRIF beating over 1,500 bands. 1991 was another good year for the band as they won the 1991 best live band award once again for Michigan’s top hard rock station 101.1 WRIF. Lead singer Ronnie Vanderlip describes the bands sound as a mix between Whitesnake, Def Leppard, Aerosmith, and Motley Crue. I couldn’t agree more as these guys have class written all over them. A very professional unit, Heaven’s Wish gel together perfectly. Live, Heaven’s Wish shined, Ronnie had all the moves, colour, and a great sense of humour. Playing with bands such as Warrant, Skid Row, Bonham, Bulletboys, Damn Yankees, Enuff ‘Z’ Nuff, the impressive list goes on but the show that really stands out is when they played with Eddie Money to 100,000 people at the Detroit Grand Prix. Currently doing one off shows in their hometown of Detroit and still getting great reviews everywhere they play. Gathering up tons of unreleased material over the years, It is now time for the boys to get back in the studio and belt them out on another full length album. Not only have Heaven’s Wish signed up for just the one CD with Suncity Records but it’s a two CD deal, which will please fans to no end. Some of the songs you can look forward to hearing are: Ridin’ High, Stay The Night, Let’s Dance, I Just Wanna Die, She’s Hot, Just Lookin’, Lonely Nights, Talk Talk, Something About You, plus many, many more. Some of the die hard fans may of heard some of these tunes live before as they were written in the late 80’s, early 90’s.