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Andrew Byrne has been labelled a driving force in the underground dance scene. His production and remix credits span across the most sought after record labels, have been carried by the highest grossing distributors, and have been championed by the most respected names in the dance industry. His productions strike a profound and lasting chord with both listener and performer, which now coupled with his direct involvement, places Andrew in his leading role as a seminal creator of influential dance music.

His production career began in late 1996, with the release of “You Share” under the artist name of Daze with production partner of the time Christian West. The remix of “You Share” was written under their alternative guise of Kobyashi. It was this remix that became the pivotal point for both Christian and Andrew, sparking a wave of direct phone calls from the likes of John Digweed, Guy Oldhams, and Chris Fortier of Fade records, who immediately signed the track for release in the United States. This initial plethora of interest was an extraordinary achievement for Christian and Andrew’s first production work to be pressed.

The critical success of “You Share” led to a production and distribution agreement with Unique, one of the highest respected distribution firms in the dance music industry. It was this platform that bred Generis Recordings, which allowed the two to release five more singles by March 1998. Through Generis and Unique, the pair had attained the necessary means to now reach a more global audience, and were beginning to achieve the worldwide notoriety that they so deserved.

In mid 1998, the pair were signed as Kobyashi for release by Fluid Recordings, a true influential giant in the field of progressive house and trance. The resulting track, “Release” was the highest selling 12” that Amato Distribution experienced within it’s week of release, and gained major exposure on John Digweed’s “Sydney” Global Underground compilation. This time spent at the Parachute Studios with Barry and Jon of Evolution proved to be a truly rewarding experience, and led to Kobyashi touring live supporting Chicane of X-travaganza fame on the Preston leg of their 1998 tour.

Eight releases and numerous remixes later, Andrew’s solo career under the moniker of Hellpass has furthered his involvement in the dance scene with his own label, Hellpass Records, which has again been picked up by Unique Distribution. The first two releases under Hellpass have gained phenomenal reactions, and both have been championed by Dave Seaman, having placed “Tranquility Bay” on his Global Underground “Buenos Aires” compilation, and “Burner” which was licensed to Dave’s Renaissance “Awakening” compilation.

Andrew, now armed with his own production and recording facilities, is set to continue his reign. His knack for producing worldwide respected material, caned by all major forces in the dance scene has placed Andrew’s productions amongst the favourites of many crowds. Currently signed to Renaissance, and with releases scheduled on Fire999 and Symphonic plus numerous remixes to come, Andrew is making a lasting and considerable imprint, one which can only be heightened in the not so distant future.