Herazz - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

Formed sometime around 1985, the band immediately dove into the creative side of the music of the era and wrote tirelessly. Being a cover band was not an option. As a result, over 80+ original songs have been recorded and released throughout the band’s history all over the world. A few unreleased titles continue to float around via bootleg efforts.

Original band members were: Brian Medawar (vocals), Dave Beck (drums), John Lanzetta (bass), Steve Calhoun (guitar) and Chuck Eghotz (guitar). Steve left the band in late 1985 and was replaced by Virgil Napier. Brian left the band in 1986 and was replaced by Ken Kruz. Chuck left the band in 1986 and was later replaced by Jeff Groessier just prior to the 1987 recording/release of the self titled album Herazz. Jeff left the band in 1988 and this marked the beginning of the current line-up that still plays together as Herazz.

Herazz currently does not tour, but does play occasional shows and most recently the Rocklahoma Festival as an artist signed to Retrospect records.