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After a long hiatus focusing on composing and doing studio work, the time arrives to promote and present to the public Hiata´s latest work, it´s debut album “Vessel Receptor”, sucessor to the “Poisoned Waters Re-Issue” Ep (2009),an Ep that reached national and international airing on channels such as VH1 or MTV. It did so through the video for the title track, “Poisoned Waters”, directed and animated by portuguese artist João Rubim, based off of the United Kingdom. With this hand-drawn animated video Hiata got the privilege of being pre-nominated for an MTV EMA award for Best Portuguese Act 2010.

The new album “Vessel Receptor” was written and recorded by the band. It´s influences come from the 70´s, 80´s and 90´s music, influenced by genres such as rock, grunge, metal, pop, blues, among others. The “rock” sound created in the process mixes analog instrumentation with modern tecnologies and sounds.It mixes emotional ambiguities, both beauty and creation, and unsettlement and destruction. Entirelly sung in English, based on the band´s own influences in songwriting, it is an assumed aesthetic, passing up on both native language and traditional instrumentation.

The album´s theme concept describes a journey through the human body, analyzing it´s transformation through the music we create. Human body phenomenae are also lyrically compared to every-day life and experience.


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