Hollywood Killerz - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

Motörcity Maphia HQ: Hollywood Killerz formed at the end of the 90’s under the influences of glam rock and lipstick debauchery. Soon after a 2 tracks demotape was released. In 1999 the recording of the demo ep Back To Devastation Boulevard, including the track Cruel Game that is also featured in UK compilation Rock N Roll Salvation (2003) with artists like Sylvain Sylvain, AntiProduct, The Flaming Sideburns, Diamond Dogs and Crystal Extasy.

In the meanwhile the band gave birth to Glam Attakk. The festival received a warm reception since the very first edition in 1999 at the glorious Poison Apple, and growing interest year by year. The Killerz have played with bands like: Gutter Queens, Slamdunk, Shameless, Geoff Starr, Gemini 5, Private Line, The Dogs D’Amour, Nasty Idols, Adam Bomb… as well as the best italian glam rock mobs.

In 2003 they released DIY ep Lovecrash, their sound and music-writing disclosed a steer to a nervous and scratchy glam-punk. Despite being entangled in drummers drama since day 1, Hollywood Killerz always hit the stage hard, playing hi-voltage, lo-school, iq-barbeque live shows. If you want pure loud glam punk, you got it.

Right now the band is supposed to enter the studio to record some demos and then begin to work on their first full length.