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HTD, brewed in September of 1999, is hard hitting, 4 piece band that quickly adopted the Baltimore music scene as its home. HTD’s sound is an infusion of Kight’s driving metal riffs, Welsh’s slap driven bass grooves, Knight’s thundering percussive antics and Berry’s raw throaty screams.

While HTD has no agenda, and writes with the intentions of therapeutic self-release, HTD’s hard-hitting delivery combined with raw aggression and unparalleled energy has been infectious with local concertgoers and both domestic and international fans abroad. HTD delivers uninhibited rage and fury while seamlessly capturing the audience’s desire for melody and composition.

Capturing their passion and aggression, HTD released “HTD - Happiness Through Drinking” in August of 2001. This first full-length CD has been widely received and embraced by a growing fan base. HTD continues to receive rave reviews of their first recorded initiative. Through full utilization of the Internet and its vast medium of resources, their debut CD has received praise from fans throughout the world. While staying true to there instincts, influences, history and roots, HTD’s music has managed to appeal to the masses. HTD has received such recognition as’s “Artist of the Month” and received the Megakungfui award for “Best New Artist” and “Album of the Year” for 2001. HTD has enjoyed sharing the stage with many of their peers in the unsigned market as well as national acts such as DRI, Nonpoint, Nothingface, Dry Kill Logic, Bile, Overkill, Nile, Hoods, Dog Fashion Disco and Five Pointe 0.