Insane - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

There are several bands named "Insane". 1) Rock / Metal band from Hungary. 1998-2005: Insane was founded by Gabor Ersek and Oszkar Knapp in 1998. The first live performances started in 1999. In 2001 Insane embarked on their first longer tour and took part at bigger festivals like Sziget. In January 2002 the band published the first LP. It had a positive feedback from the fans. On the release tour, Insane performed with the biggest Hungarian rock bands. It brought the breakthrough, and the band was added to the Hungarian professional music scene, so the guys were invited to all the bigger festivals and appeared more often on the music televisions. In 2003 they were able to make concerts abroad too. In the same year this formation took part at all of the big festivals and they became the most intensive live performance in Hungary. 2004 the second LP was released and generated honorable mention on the part of the industry and on the part of the fans as well. At this time the formation changed a bit, they got two new guitarists. 3 music videos from this LP were made. Thanks to their member-freshening they made a new EP. Because of the positive welcome of the EP the band kept on the new way and recorded the third LP in 2005. This year Insane was nominated for Best modern rock band of Hungary by Viva Television. The new LP attracted more public to the band. After the release they started the longest tour that Insane ever had until that time. The first part was a 25-30 stage Hungarian tour, what were followed by summer festivals (gigs with Napalm Death, Most Precious Blood, Diecast, Pro-Pain etc.) and was finished with a European tour. The first music video from the LP was made. Another big success of the band is that few songs from this LP were played on one of the biggest American internet-radio's metal station. 2006- 2007: Insane summarized the most exciting year in its history, as they played 67 shows in 15 European countries sharing the stage with major headliners such as Soulfly, Sick Of It All or 4Lyn. In the first half of the year the shot of the second video came. The band's music was featured on an extreme sports DVD and on more compilation cds, while Insane was nominated to Viva Megawatt Award again in the category of "hope of the year" and "best modern rock act". A new bass player, Bertalan Toth became a full time member and together with him, Insane did an interesting experiment, when they recorded and published an EP with remixes and songs in Hungarian language. In December, they headlined a club festival in Moscow, Russia. The band started a Hungarian tour for the occasion of their 8th birthday. In May a new singer was announced at a Dutch tour so onward he carry out the front member tasks. His first gig was as a guest of ILL NINO (U.S.A.) in Budapest in June. The summer was full of concerts; the band played almost every Hungarian festival and participated on a lot of foreign program. In the course of autumn a tour came with PRO-PAIN (U.S.A.). Moreover a lot of club shows came on all over Europe. 2008: The beginning of the year was the time for Insane to write the songs of the 4th LP. Meanwhile the concerts were going on. In March the guys started the recordings to do something really new. The burden was big enough because 3 years passed since the last record so the fans were almost starving to get something from the really different formation. In spite of the member changes they made a thought-out stuff were the melodies are more dominant so with this they can reach a wider range of audience, but those who know the band from the early times they also would not be disappointed, because the typical hard insane riffs are also there. Insane will have a 40stationed overall European tour conquering new countries like the U.K. and Greece and off course they can not be missed out from the main Hungarian festivals. At the end of the summer they make the first music video to the 4th LP called Hocus-Pocus. > 2) Thrash Metal band from Italy. Formed in 2002, released one full-length album "Wait And Pray" on Battle Cry Records in 2004. 3) Insane - the Russian project and the small town Nelidovo of the Tver region, playing trip-hop and downtempo. The project founder is Sergey Severin. Except project Insane he also is engaged a psy-trance in project Nord Project, and chill out - ambient project Eguana. Is the participant and the founder of thoughts-threw of group Insomnia, and of some other groups and projects in various musical genres. 4) Insane-Ukrainian rapper from Lviv - Andriy Levchuk,member of band "Wax Words" User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License and may also be available under the GNU FDL.