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Heavy Metal Maniacs since 2008!

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2009 - Cult of the Snake DEMO (CD-R, selfreleased; MC, Dying Victims Productions)

2010 - Iron Kobra Battlesword EP (CD, selfreleased; MC, Dying Victims Productions; CD, Battle Cry Records/Mighty Monster Records)

2011 - Live at Crom’s Place LIVE RECORDING (MC, Maxima Destruccion; LP, Reinig Records)

2011 - Heavy Metal Drunk Machine SPLIT (includes Cult of the Snake Demo and Witchcurse’s «Demon’s Warning» EP)

2012 - Teutonic Tyrants (7»-Single, WAR Productions)

2012 - Dungeon Masters (album on CD, MC and LP, Dying Victims Productions)