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J-cera (제이세라)

Female singer J-cera debuted by featuring on her label-mate, December’s, song “I Came Alone”. However, she didn’t exactly create much of a stir then. After the release of her song “Love You Whenever”, she started to gain more attention. In fact, during a time when the charts were held ironclad by Big Bang and IU, J-cera started to climb her way into the top tier of the major kpop music charts.

Also, after IU created a stir for her vocal skills featuring a three-note hold in her song “A Good Day”, J-cera bust out with a seven-note hold! In fact, her entertainment company claimed that her seven-note hold was what pushed December to practice and finally attain their five-note hold.


- Lonely Night (with December digital single, July 15, 2010) : 혼자왔어요 / I Came Alone

- Love Story (digital single, September 28, 2010) : 사랑지우개 / Love Eraser

- Ballade Of Winter (digital single, December 8, 2010) : 여자이니까 / Because I’m A Woman

- Endless Love (digital single, February 24, 2011) : 언제나 사랑해 / Love You Whenever

- Tears of Crystal (Mini Album, 2011)

- Love City (digital single, 2012) 사랑시 고백구 행복동

- Telephone (digital single, 2013)