Jaded Era - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

Jaded Era is a young rock band out of Akron/Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. It is composed of the four members; KIRA LEYDEN - Lead Vocals, Guitar,Keys,JEFF ANDREA- Lead Guitar, Vocals,MARCO HILJ - Bass, and ERIC OTROPAN - Drums. Since forming nine years ago JE has won Cleveland’s best rock band three years running. Who would have thought that JE’s four members who have all been best friends since they were placed in the same classroom in seventh grade would have bloomed to this. JE’s popularity has been growing all over the country with help from their hit “invisible”. This is a song you may have heard on the radio by Ashlee Simpson. However, the song was originally written by Jaded Era. With their inspiration and love for music JE is expected to hit the big time soon.