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Born January 17, 1989 coming from the outside of the Los Angeles metropolitan area. Ambitious, passionate bassist/producer/businessman Jaxx Parra started his extraordinary journey at six years of age after seeing rock legends Motley Crue (Nikki Sixx) and Kiss (Gene Simmons) for the first time. Being such a young boy he was never touched by something so influential before. From then on his life would be changed drastically. It took five years of wanting to play bass before he was able to purchase his first bass guitar at eleven years old. After six months of mowing lawns to get the money. he took lessons for three years from middle school to his first year of high school. Since finishing high school in 2007 he started producing electronic music. Jaxx started Musicians Institute in Hollywood California in 2008 for The Bass Institute of Technology then after he went into Musicians Institutes Music Business Program to get the right education to not get taking advantage of in the music industry. Now after completing Musicians Institute he is on a business pursuit to bring his record label King Boss Entertainment to the top of the music business.