JUKE/19 - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

Juke/19 was experimental music project led by Shinro Ohtake. Between 1978 and 1982 they recorded and released four LPs; Juke/19, Ninety Seven Circles, Pieces and Soundtracks. They also released one four-tracks single a month before their second album released. all on their own label as independent.

in 1980 Juke/19 played with Dome (Bruce Gilbert, Graham Lewis & Russell Mills) on “Kluba Cupol” Sound Performance at Notre Dame Hall, London.

Main performer Shinro Ohtake is a Japanese artist who was born in Meguro Ward, Tokyo in 1955. He paints, creates multimedia installations and has produced cd cover design such as 坂本龍一’s Playing The Orchestra, etc.

after Juke/19, Shinro Ohtake switched his main work as painter/designer and did very few work as a sound performing artist.

in 1985 he formed one time project “Only Connect” with Russell Mills and did sound performance at Museum Of Modern Art Oxford with Wire.

in 1987 he released 46minutes cassette called “EZMD” under the name “Juke/19”. The sound support the same title visual book he also released which written about Marcel Duchamp. “EZMD” has been reissued as CD format in 1991.

Shinro Ohtake has collaborated with Yamataka Eye (Hanatarash, UFO or Die, Boredoms etc.) as Puzzle Punks.