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Kiki Pau is a lovable exception in today’s music scene. The band has been labeled an over-trendy indie group from Helsinki’s Punavuori, but Kiki Pau is in fact as organic as a rock group can be in today’s world.

Influenced by 1980s and ‘90s alternative rock and 1960s and ‘70s classic pop, Kiki Pau gathered a wealth of positive attention from both critics and music bloggers two years ago with their ironically named debut “Let’s Rock”. While the album focused on fast-paced three-minute pop songs, on their second album “White Mountain”, released last spring, the quartet could stretch their limits and linger in different moods. To say that they’ve grown up would be a bit much, but maybe they’re starting to hit puberty.

Kiki Pau differs from its competitive contemporary colleagues also in attitude. While many bands are focused on embracing social media, pleasing the press and achieving maximal air time, Kiki Pau is more interested in making new music – even over touring. Kiki Pau doesn’t long for fame or see the need to prove anything to anyone.

Regardless of this, Kiki Pau has received a lot of attention on music blogs over the world and even toured abroad on a low profile. However, they aren’t longing for world-wide fame, but rather enjoy what they have at hand – even if it’s just local dabbling.