Kiriyama Family - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

Kiriyama Family is a five piece electronic pop ensemble hailing from various towns in the South Coast of Iceland. While some of the band‘s members have been playing together since childhood, and developing their soundscape since 2008, the band‘s current roster was formed in 2010. Now, two years later they have sent out one of this year‘s most ambitious releases from the Icelandic music scene, their self-titled debut album, which has received critical acclaim in most major Icelandic media outlets.

Armed with an array of synthesizers, guitar and bass, Kiriyama Family has developed a unique take on electronic pop music; apart from their drummer no member is confined to one instrument, but instead they swap instruments at will, working as one to give each song its own distinct flavour.

Known to deliver an airtight live set without fail, the synth virtuosos of Kiriyama Family have acquired a loyal audience over the recent months, thanks to their engaging mixture of a down to earth stage persona and a sincere love for playing. With their mixture of absolute effortless skill with a touch of reckless charm, Kiriyama family has firmly established itself as one of the better live acts of Iceland‘s bustling music scene.

Jóhann V. Vilbergsson - Vocals, guitar, bass & synths.

Karl M. Bjarnarson - Vocals, guitar, bass & synths.

Víðir Björnsson - Guitar, bass & synths.

Guðmundur Geir Jónsson - Guitar, bass & synths.

Bassi Ólafsson - Drums, percussion, recording & mixing engineer.

Extended Family:

Björn Kristinsson - saxophone.

Arnar Halldórsson - Graphic Design.

Baldvin Karel - Life coach.