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After 12 years, 3 albums and a Top20- Hit with the Swiss rockers Redwood, the time came in 2008 for the bands lead singer Lesley Meguid to go her own way as a solo artist. She joined forces with the gifted Kiwi producer Matt Thomas to record her debut solo album “The Truth About Love Songs”. The project began in her home town of New York City, with the help of a new found fan and legendary drummer Steve Gadd (Paul Simon, Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton). The project then travelled to New Zealand, where the multi-platinum artists Geoff Maddock (Goldenhorse), Gareth Thomas (Goodshirt) and Matt Thomas (The Feelers) contributed with their talents. The final touches were added once again in New York by brass instrumentalist Tony Garruso (Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett and Sting). Now the Swiss-American singer-songwriter is back in Switzerland to present her first solo album. “The Truth About Love Songs” describes the whirlwind of this great adventure.

It all started in January 2007, when Redwood toured Europe with New Zealand’s rock trio The Feelers. Lesley Meguid fell head over heels in love with bassist Matt Thomas: “He was bearded, wore old man pants, and off stage, not a rock star at all!” Soon after that, Matt introduced her to New Zealand. They slept in his Nissan station wagon, swam in the sea, played music on the black sand and filled their bellies with shellfish. In 2008 Lesley took the plunge and moved to New Zealand to be with her “Caravan Man” and fulfill her lifelong dream of recording a solo album.

Lesley inherited the courage to follow her heart from her mother. The Swiss stewardess had fallen in love with an Egyptian student during a short stay in England and then followed him all the way to Brooklyn, where Lesley and her sister were born. Lesley’s singing career started as a 4 year old in a small church choir in New York. After her 9th birthday, the family moved to Switzerland. Lesley continued singing in several bands and soon gained the reputation of a very charismatic performer and excellent songwriter.

Matt Thomas produced Lesley’s debut to reflect her life’s journey – New York – Zürich – New Zealand. The largest part was produced in his studio in Auckland with local multi-platinum artists Geoff Maddock, Gareth Thomas and Matt himself. Coincidentally, Matt met 70’s drumming legend Steve Gadd in a Starbucks in Zürich. After several cups of coffee and a few months later, Steve recorded the drums for Lesley’s album in Skyline Studios in New York. “Playing with Steve in the studio was like a day dream. I had to constantly remind myself to breathe!” says the singer about recording with the “Drum God”. Again in the Big Apple, brass man Tony Gorruso (Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Sting) submitted the final touches on the track “Talking Head”. Finally, the album was ready to be mixed in Zürich, then mastered at Abbey Road Studios in London.

“The Truth About Love Songs” is an album of honest, infectious and modern folk songs. The songs captivate you as Lesley’s intuitive feel for melody tell her stories. Her songs are about the kind of friendship that lasts forever (“Love”), dreamy beaches on the North Island (“In A Town By An Open Shore”), a magical night in a studio in New York when Roberta Flack walked in (“Talking Head”) and about day to day love. The single „Kanoodle“ was inspired by a soup Matt cooked for her, made out of everything in her fridge he found on one of his many trips to Zürich. „It was the best soup I ever had“, boasts Lesley still to this day. On this percussive, playful track you hear pots and pans, glasses, card board boxes and water. The unmistakable voice of Lesley Meguid is sensuous and energetic in every track.