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With the release of their track “Buddha Wears headfones” on the latest “Ministry of Sounds Compilation “Chillout Guide vol 01” Life Audience are a fast emerging as an “up and coming” Downtempo Electronica partnership that fuse Electronic with organic accoustic instruments.

Even though this project have been around for the last 5 years, they have been making more of an impact over the last few, having tracks on various chillout compilations including “Sony`s Bar Lounge Classics - 2010, and Sony`s “Bar Lounge Classics - The Relax Edition” being just a few. The release of their own Debut album “Waves and Particles” Which can be found on Amazon and itunes, has also started turning heads in the chillout scene.

Their main objective in their music is expressing the individual spiritual and emotional journeys we are all on. questioning and exploring life and putting sound to that.

This contemporary partnership have created a unique sound formed of smooth deep bass-lines minimalistic break-beats and hooking melodies with a Trip-Hop Lounge music feel to it. The vocals are expressed with emotion and impact reflecting the content in the lyrics.

This Project takes you from your reality and places you perfectly in a relaxing calming and imaginative state of mind.