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Magic Loud

Paweł Mroczyński - vocals, piano, synth

Damian Kościelniak - guitar

Arkadiusz Martinka - guitar

Tomasz Sola - bass

Przemysław Falenciak - drums

Magic Loud is an eclectic but yet harmonious design, which reaches the very essence of music. The band combines classical rock with the 70’s hard rock creating songs with melodic refrains, a well-considered structure and elaborate instrumental parts.

The lyrics range from philosophical journeys to critical observations…

Energetic beats, pulsing bass rhythms (not afraid of funky trips), two intelligently played guitars, flowing piano parts and, finally, strong emotional vocals.

All the members of the band are different, yet the magic of music is universal, helping us to join together in an unanimous enterprise.

Five people like five elements, that is what we are: each one different, yet inspiring the others; into one entity we combine.

Magic Loud is power, energy and synergy of elements; our souls and thoughts in concord. We mix various points of view into a harmonious entity.

We are like the inverted prism from The Dark Side of Moon cover – different colors and shades joining to form one being.

The music we play is true and sincere coming from the very depths of our souls: it is sometimes raw, yet modern, wild and poetic at the same time. We aim at evoking deep emotions in our listeners.