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Marco Rodrigues was born at the north of Portugal – Amarante. During his childhood and teen years he played as lead vocal in a band performing several musical styles. In 1997 participated at the “Grande Noite do Fado” (the main fado contest festival for Fado), in Oporto, as a junior, and achieved the 2nd place. That same year is the representative of Portugal at an International Music Festival in Italy. This was the time to move to Lisbon – the Fado capital. It was 1998. In 1999 he becomes the overall winner of the “Grande Noite do Fado”at the Lisbon Coliseum, a special contest of fado singers organized every year by “ Casa da Imprensa”. Since then he have been invited to play in concert venues and at Café Luso (Bairro Alto), one of the most important Houses of Fado of Lisbon. In 2004 Marco Rodrigues won the award “Alarga a tua Vida”, sponsored by Alcatel Corporation. Despite his youth, Marco Rodrigues, has already a great experience as a fado singer, obtained from acts in the fado houses and on stage. This success was recognized by Fado lovers and performers, and he was 3 times invited by Mariza to play with her – at Lisbon CCB and Oporto Rivoli, and at the Royal Festival Hall in London. In October 2006, Marco Rodrigues performed in Paris with the fado singers Carlos do Carmo and Ana Moura. Marco Rodrigues has also performed in Spain, France and Switzerland. Recently he got the 3rd place in the Portuguese Song Contest for Eurovision 2008. A tune from his album “Tu já não és” was included in a soundtrack for the popular TV serie ” A outra” ( The other woman). AWARDS: Amália Rodrigues Foundation’s prize for the NEWCOMMER FADO SINGER 2007.