Maria Gasolina - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

Maria Gasolina is Helsinki Finland based mpb-afrobeat-skahumppa band that mainly performs own peculiar Finnish versions of Brazilian pop/rock classics. Their debut album ’Se jokin’ was released in July 2006 consisting 8 well known tracks from tropicalia era to more recent sounds.

In autumn 2008 this cover group put out their second album titled ’Mä olen sun’, including new delicious adaptations of the Brazilian artists such as Jorge Ben, Maria Rita, Elis Regina and Novos Baianos. The third studio album ’Aina uusi aalto’ influenced by electro and new wave twist was released in Sept 2010.

Maria Gasolina was formed in 2001 and has from since grown to be amazingly popular phenomenon in the Finnish pop music scene. The majority of MG’s repertoire originates from Brazil and the entire project started from the love for Brazilian music and passionate will to introduce it to the Finnish audience. They have performed at most of the acclaimed clubs and festivals in Finland and also have been given notable attention in major Brazilian newspapers (O Globo, Folha de São Paulo).

Band’s own label Gasolina Records was founded in 2008 and they will continue to publish future material under this trademark.