Marilies Jagsch - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

Marilies Jagsch is an Austrian singer/songwriter who happened not to use a pseudonym, stratagem, or any charming monikers, but her music is somewhat fashioned in a similar style (she sings about grave digger and ghosts too) that of two other landlocked country’s talents (Gustav, Soap & Skin), though Marilies tends to do her blood and tears (horror and terror, thank God it’s not Alice in Wonderland gone bad) somewhere else, happily reside in the folky acoustic-vein. Putting to use some unusual chords, the minor mode, and some artistic expressions of anything gothic, limited to merely daytime mourning, she is as dark as a warm black night, not much for a nightmare. Imagine one of those nights where the wind blows softly, you feel kind of safe, secure in your yellow bedroom-sanctuary tent, Marilies Jagsch can never be any darker than this. This is as far as she gets, and good for her. Obituary for a Lost Mind is her debut effort, released in early 2007.