Masta J Poodles and the Shaving Gurus - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

These local Sacramento visionaries coined the phrase “Cropolketal”, mixing various genres and subgenres including polka and metal. Currently they reside in various living rooms and garages, and have little fan base whatsoever, with only a few to speak of. Even their name is questionable; they change it based on members participating. More often than not, members Daniel Mitchell, Bucky Walter, and MC Jammer are left to create on their own terms without Masta J Poodles, in which case the name of “Rubber Reindeer” is adopted. Less frequently, rapper/singer Andrew Vanbeek is employed, altering the band to the title of “Three Metal Shoes and One Sock” or “Rubber Reindeer and One Sock”.