Mental Ward Click - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

MENTAL WARD CLICK was found and created by Vasco SKITSO VEE Curry and Steven Cash in 1993.Months after they united Vasco move to another part of NORTH MEMPHIS[RIDGEGROVE].Laying all the ground work for the WARD.Vasco was in and out of studios and cities grinding hard to get notice.Vasco started writing on his new cd the RETRIBUTION in the early part of 97.Vasco then recuited guys out the hood to help finish the cd.VASCO took his product to SELECT-O-HITS and got a distribution deal.THE CD was doing fine.But problem came within and Vasco left those guys.Taking his group name and label with him.NEVERTHELESS Vasco continue to hone skills.Renaming RELENTLESS ENT. to M.DUB.C ENT short for MENTAL WARD CLICK.Vasco then collab with MR.FIRE AND RE-ESTABLISH THE MENTAL WARD.HOOKIN UP with Subber D,Mercy,D.AGO.