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Mongrel hamingja began life as a duo project in March 2009 when 2 friends who met in Berlin- O and T- ended up getting mixed up about a music workshop in Birmingham. Both thought they were taking part in an international music project independantly, until they found out what they’d signed up for was in fact a workshop for bands or artists who already had music careers, and could perform together on stage. Both had been doing music for a while, mainly bedroom based, and mainly instrumental (guitar, piano, drums, bass), and very little of that together. On finding out this information at the last minute (a week before due to go), they quickly decided ” let’s pretend we’re crazy noise music artists using electronic programms, dress up weirdly and perform on computers so no one has a clue what we’re doing”. This was to be honest more T’s idea as Os had never seen a music program in her life. In one week they luckily had enough time (as the project was rather non-organised) to work out a set together from scratch and perfomed well enough to fool the audience (gratuitous moustaches were involved).

From these rather dubious beginnings they perfomed in Berlin in 2009 until T left for elsewhere. O still continues to make music from a sofa somewhere in Berlin.