Nadia Nair - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

With her own, very personal vocal style, Nadia Nair is fearlessly weaving together many diverse influences blending rock, soul, western pop, classical music and a wide range of ethnic and folk sources…

Nadia was brought up on the Swedish west coast, Gothenburg, and has, since the age of 4, been looking for her place in music.

It became evident to Nadia’s surroundings that she was meant for the limelight and Nadia moved from violin playing to becoming more focused on singing and gradually turned her poetries into music.

At the age of 15 Nadia decided that now was the time to devote her life to the stage.

It followed years of trial and error…

She packed her bag and travelled to Stockholm to fully focus on her music but her collaborations didn’t bring her to the musical heights she expected. Nadia felt defeated and retreated to the country side of her childhood west coast home where she ‘locked’ herself inside for a year. Being close to her childhood memories and instruments brought new songs and energy to life and when embarking on the next journey in the summer of 2012 she finally met her musical soul-mate, Victor Rådström (Songwriter & Producer). Together they´ve written and designed the soundtrack to Nadia’s musical dreams. Presented in her debut-single ‘Bon Voyage’

From the chilly north of Europe Nadia brings you bold music and lyrics that will make your blood boil and your heart pump in a different BPM.