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NB Ridaz is a hip hop group formerly known as NBK (Nastyboy Klick).


The group released several successful singles as Nastyboy Klick in the late 1990s, including "Down for Yours" (1997, U.S. Billboard Hot 100 peak #69) and "Lost in Love" (1998, #53).

Their debut album, Invasion, was released in 2001 and reached independent charts. The first single from the album, "Runaway", scraped into the Billboard Hot 100, and made the Rhythmic Top 40 along with "I Wanna Love-U". Their second album, NBRidaz.com, made the Hip-Hop, Heatseeker and independent charts. "So Fly" broke into the lower reaches of the Billboard Hot 100, and charted on the Rap, R&B and Rhythmic Top 40 charts. "Notice Me" also reached the bottom of the Billboard Hot 100, receiving more airplay than previous tracks. "Pretty Girl" also charted on the Billboard Rhythmic, R&B and Rap charts as well.

The lyrics of "Pretty Girl", "Forever", "Wishing On A Star", "Best Friends" and various other tracks were written by then twelve-year-old Leonel Tissera and 11-year-old Joseph Soto. Soto and Tissera's creative works eventually caught the attention of the group. After the group's popularity increase, Soto and Tissera's lyrics became some of the most popular songs performed by the NB Ridaz.

NB Ridaz discontinued as a group from 2006.

Orlando Estrada later joined MC Magic to make a romantic cholo song.


It all started with MC Magic and Victoria Hernandez, a disc jockey who grew up in a low income housing area in Avondale, Arizona. From breakdancing to sponsoring teen dances at the Avondale community center, MC Magic always surrounded himself with music. He eventually made a name for himself by recording personalized songs at the local park and swap.

In 1991, he formed an independent record company called Nastyboy Records. Soon afterwards, he released his first hit single "Lost in Love". The single did very well considering local radio stations only gave it a few spins in the evenings.

In 1995, MC Magic released his first full length CD entitled Don't Worry. The album did well on a local level and helped open some doors for the next project. Nastyboy Klick began with six members - Magic, DOS, Ziggy, Sly, Mischief (Magic's 10-year-old son) and Bookie. Bookie soon left the group to pursue a solo project before NBK became successful.

Nastyboy Klick was recognized as one of the top up-and-coming hip hop groups out of Phoenix within their first year. MC Magic wanted to try something new and different to grab the attention of the radio stations and its listeners. He then contacted the management of Roger Troutman of Zapp and Roger. After contacting Roger Troutman, he agreed to assist Nastyboy Klick with vocals on "Down for Yours", using the famous talkbox. Not only did it grab the attention of local radio stations, it reached #10 on the Billboard Hot Rap single chart (a first for any hip-hop group out of Phoenix). Quickly following the success of "Down for Yours" came "AZ Side", which also became another hit single. This was the first record to ever receive sampling permission from Madonna. The "AZ Side Remix" was a rendition of Madonna's hit "Everybody".

In 1998, Nastyboy Klick released Tha Second Coming, which was the second album led by the hip hop ballad "Lost in Love". This time the record reached #12 on the Billboard music charts. After the release of their second album, NBK began touring and performing for many audiences within the next year.

After many trials and tribulations, all the members returned to their regular jobs and Magic returned to working at the park and swap. Eventually, Magic and DOS decided it would be in their best interest to pursue their career as a group, on their own. Magic and DOS asked management to release them from the recording contract with Upstairs Records and ventured on their own to pursue Magic's vision. Zig Zag and Sly, however, remained under the direction of Upstairs Records and began working on a new project together. At the same time, Dos and Magic formed the Nasty Boy Ridaz, or NB Ridaz for short.

Changing the name from NastyBoyKlick to NB Ridaz due to contractual restrictions with the old name. Magic's son Mischief and nephew D-Dog were added to the group. The NB Ridaz's first LP entitled Invasion was released on September 11, 2013 on NastyBoy Records. Invasion was made up mostly of material recorded for a Third NastBoyKlick Cd and included the hits "Runaway" And "Radio Song". Soon after its release and the success of the single "Runaway" Upstairs Records picked up the album and signed Magic and Dos back to the label. Zig Zag then Joined back with magic in 2002 and Sly the remaining member of NBK went solo working on a new project with upstairs records. In 2003 however, Sly left the Industry to raise a Family. Magics nephew and son also left the group to Focus on School.

NB Ridaz now consisted of just three members; Magic, Zig Zag and Dos, with Sly filling in from time to time for absent members. In 2004 NBRidaz.com was released on Upstairs Records. It was the groups biggest album to date. With national success and multiple Billboard singles. This album had hits such as "Pretty Girl" "Forever" and "So Fly". It broke barriers and captured new markets never seen by the group before. At the height of the groups success, problems between the remaining members continued to build. In 2006 the group disbanded; Mc Magic and Zig Zag went solo whist Dos left the industry to focus on his family.

As Nastyboy Klick/NBK

  • 1997: The First Chapter
  • 1998: Desert Funk: Soundtrack
  • 1998: Tha Second Coming (duet with CeCe Peniston on "I Know You Want Me")
  • 2002: Pretty Girl (written by Leonel Tissera and TJ Gorman)

As NB Ridaz

Year Title Peak Chart Positions
U.S. R&B U.S. Heat U.S. Ind
2001 Invasion (Nastyboy) 46
Invasion (Upstairs) —46
2004 NB Ridaz.com 62 14 10
2008 Greatest Hits


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