Nervous Choir - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

“Nervous Choir” were a Scottish band. They were from Aberdeen


Alsations/introducing 7” (Cathexis Recordings-CRN 5407-198?) 4 track EP two tracks recorded using the two MacKenzie brothers from the Shamen (and their equipment), live track track from a Spear of Destiny support slot, and a closed track which sticks on the 45 on which none of us play.

1060 Hold Everything MLP (Choir Cuts-NCC12.1-198?) again as above done “LIVE” in the studio with overdubs done in two days.

There was a follow up MARILYN MONROE’s “Daimonds are a girls best friend” 3 versions only two exist, and a batch of new stuff thats never seen the light of day, including a reworking of Richard killing taking it to an 8 min mix.

We recorded a track for a compilation cassette feat. Xmal Deutchland etc back in 84 featuring founder member ALAN DICKEY (who sadly died of cancer a few years back), After NC changed their name 1987 we altered the sound too, we became THE RAMJET RUBBER Co. named after the cartoon character ROGER, we existed in this form for about a couple of years recording a load of tracks some are here, more to follow. The band did play one more gig back in 1997 but that was it. see free uploads on CHOIR CUTS

The last STUDIO recordings are now up on site, there were some others on 4 track demos, theres even a version of SABRINAS “Boys Boys Boys” and a HiNRG version of SABBATHS “Paranoid” somewhere in a batch of old cassettes. May even post some video stuff once i find that too. Nowadays Im still doin my graphics as you can see in the picture area, bit of Bolan and a bit of IGGY cant be bad. back with Paul the bassist so…