Nick Didkovsky - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

Nick Didkovsky (b. 1958) is a composer, guitarist, computer music programmer, and leader of the band Doctor Nerve. He is a former student of Christian Wolff and Gerald Shapiro.

Didkovsky has developed a Java music API called JMSL (Java Music Specification Language). JMSL is a toolbox for algorithmic composition and performance. JMSL includes JScore, an extensible staff notation editor. JMSL can output music using either JavaSound or JSyn.

Didkovsky has composed for or performed on a number of CDs including:

* 1997

o Every Screaming Ear, Label: Cuneiform (January 21 1997)

o Ayaya Moses, with the Fred Frith Guitar Quartet

o Binky Boy

* 1999, Upbeat, with the Fred Frith Guitar Quartet

* 2000, Ereia, with Doctor Nerve and the Sirius String Quartet

* 2003, Bone - uses wrist grab, with Hugh Hopper and John Roulat

Didkovsky’s music has also been arranged by the experimental music group Electric Kompany.