Noche Escandinava - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

A Finnish evening from

Buenos Aires Argentina

April 24th 2004

Tarja Turunen: “While I was studying in Karlsruhe´s Music University, in Germany, in 2002, I started to be very interested in performing Scandinavian songs for the Latin American audience. I gathered information about these countries and realised that composers like J.Sibelius or E.Grieg were not so familiar in their classical music genre. As I was particularly studying German lied music, I felt there might be a chance to let them know a bit of my music.”

Noche Escandinava accurately reflects the lied song format or original song format, written to be sang by one person, composed with artistic ambitions but in an intimate style, devoid of vocal impressions and in which poetry and music melt completely, the last one in service of the first one and not vice versa. Northern music possesses particular qualities, that remind of the sensations generated by visions of rough winters, covered by white, immaculate snow and crystalline, calm water lakes that have their quietness interrupted only by the presence of an occasional passer by. Scandinavian song reaches it’s top between the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, and was influenced mainly by German music and by Central Europe’s music in general.

“I talked with two friends of mine, Ingvild and Marjut and we decided to start organizing a small tour in South America. As a pianist, our dear friend Izumi wanted to join us. NEMS Enterprises (Nightwish’s Argentinian record company) contacted the right persons, booked the concert halls and announced it in news papers and in local radio stations. Noche Escandinava means Scandinavian Night in Spanish. The reason why we chose this name was obvious at that time: the concerts were going to happen in Argentina and Chile, both Spanish speaking countries. As well, we were two Finnish singers and a Norwegian one and the program was going to be based in Scandinavian songs (Norway, Sweden, etc).”

During their first tour with Noche Escandinava, in May - June 20002, Tarja Turunen sang in company of Marjut Paavilainen (Finnish mezzo-soprano), Ingvild Storhaug (Norwegian mezzo-soprano) and Izumi Kawakatsu (Japanese pianist), with whom she visited Santiago de Chile (Chile), where they played at Cinearte Tobalaba on May 29; and Buenos Aires (Argentina), where they performed at Teatro Margarita Xirgu on June the 1st. During the tour they played songs from the Scandinavian, German and Austrian art, among which we may find Ture Rangström’s (Sweden), Sigurd von Koch’s (Sweden), Jean Sibelius’ (Finland), Edvard Grieg’s (Norway), Leevi Madetoja’s (Finland) y Oskar Merikanto’s (Finland), Hugo Wolf ‘s (Austria), Gustav Mahler’s (Austria), Johannes Brahms’ (Germany), Richard Strauss’ (Germany), Manuel de Falla’s (Spain) and Felix Mendelssohn’s (Germany) compositions. The occasion was sponsored by the Royal Norwegian Embassy, the Embassy of Finland, the Center of Culture and Information of the Embassy of Japan, the Embassy of Germany in Argentina, the Embassy of Sweden, the Government of Buenos Aires- Secretary of Culture, Open Opera, Fundamús and the House of the Opera.