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There are at least two artists with the name Noro.

1. The solo project of Alternative/Pop Musician Samuel Hoeksema, based out of New York.

2. A Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Recording/Mixing Engineer/Producer from Tokyo Japan.

1. Noro is not a product of irrepressible inspiration, of an indomitable and irresistible force of human creative energy. Noro is surrender. It is about relinquishment.

After contemplating selling all his musical equipment, Samuel Hoeksema tucked himself away in the quiet darkness of his parents’s basement and surrendered himself to his music one last time. That night he opened himself to explore his feelings of anxiety and insecurity surrounding his music, and that dialogue with his deeper self manifested into a song titled “Bell”.

With something in hand that finally felt real, he sent the completed song to a few close friends including a new friend who would later produce his debut release, the Nightingale 7”, Morgan Greenwood. He was met with a wave of reinforcement, and with his friends’s encouragement towards following this new thread he returned back to his basement room to record seven more songs over the course of the next week. Each had a delicate vulnerability to them fortified by an unabashed truthfulness, and this has become the hallmark of the character embodied in his work.

The local scene quickly embraced him and this soon lead to a string of shows, mention in local music publications, and being invited to perform live on air at Calgary’s CJSW 90.9. However, as autumn approached he followed through with earlier laid plans and relocated to New York to study acting. For two years these songs gestated - time and again emerging from hibernation until the urge to revisit them in a substantial way became too much to resist any longer. He left his newly embarked upon career in acting and once again locked himself away, this time between his Inwood, Manhattan apartment and a cabin in Upstate New York while he began work on a yet to be named full length. Again he immersed himself in isolation and disconnection to let the superfluous melt away and allow the meaningful connections to present themselves.

Hoeksema creates a deeply intimate and intricately constructed internal world of cavernous space paired with warm acoustic guitar while lush vocal harmonies and electronic chirps swirl about like a reassuring wind. These songs are a product of surrender; of allowing oneself to lie prone and let one’s deepest self speak without competition.

2. NORO is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, musician, recording/mixing engineer and music producer. She works out of her own private music studio located in Tokyo, Japan. She specializes in mixing 1960’s space age pop music with 1990’s style club music, creating her own futuristic sounding compositions. NORO’s voice is often compared to the voice of a sweet angel. Her singing is loved by people throughout the entire world. NORO and her music have been featured on several television shows, radio programs, magazines and newspapers throughout Japan.

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