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Real Name: Markus Dolic Profile: Markus Dolic a.k.a. Nulleins (born in 1980) discovered his interest in electronic music during the Techno/Rave boom in the early nineties (without ever really being a part of that scene, though). After some rather unsatisfying tracker experiments in 94-96, "Real" gear had to be bought and was used quite frequently. As the quality of his work seemed to improve, some tracks were released on in 2000/01. A couple of months later, contact with Thinner was established. His listening habits differ quite a bit from that typical Thinner-ish Dub-Techno style, including artists like Björk or Tricky as well as bands like Depeche Mode or Coldplay and even a lot of Hiphop and Jazz - so it's no surprise that his musical output does not follow a consistent path but rather a random pattern across various electronic styles (which, unfortunately, makes planning and scheduling releases somewhat difficult). In "real life", M.D. is currently studying Computer Science in Munich, and besides that trying to spend as much time as possible riding either his bike or his snowboard. Aliases: Markus Dolic User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License and may also be available under the GNU FDL.