Photon Project - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

Photon Project is a group name for two Dutch trance artists: Geert Huinink and Alco Lammers.

Huinink and Lammers are a well-known partnership in the trance industry, specialising in melodic and classical trance, with music released mainly on the In Trance We Trust label under aliases such as Twenty-Something, Headstrong, Dawnseekers, and Modus Operandi.

Photon Project have had four vinyl releases so far. They are: Enlightenment/Illumination, The Inside/The Outside, Brainwave/Thoughts, and 11th Hour/Fly/Deep.

Many fans consider Enlightenment to be amongst their best work. It is an eleven-minute epic of ‘neo-classical’ trance, which has a purposefully slow build up before an understated yet climactic orchestral finale.

It is believed taht the orchestral tracks of Tiesto - Magik Journey and Forever Today (which was incidentally co-composed by Geert Huinink) - were inspired by the 2000 release of Enlightenment.