Pyhät Tepot - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

Pyhät tepot is a punkrockband from Helsinki, formed in 2007. Their singer Sipe Sontaläjä (Sipe Shitpile) is very sexy and he gets very drunk, very often. Boney Bon and Paska-Ben (Shit-Ben) are the guitarplayers who don’t like to play good music. Kokkeli-Aki (Cocaine-Aki) plays bass as a zombie. Gustavo Ylitapio plays drums and he is the best drummer they’ve had. Their previous drummers are all in jail.

Pyhät tepot have played various sold out gigs in Finland and nobody likes them. People come to the gigs just to reach out for a chance to beat them up. Of course , they have groupies, and teenagegirls are Sipe’s favourite kind of girls…