Repeet - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

Repeet aka Peter Herczeg, was born in Szolnok (Hungary), 1981. Even when he was a child he was interested in playing on toy-instruments, in this way it was not a surprise, that his parents took him to a scool of music, where he was studing to play the piano. The sound of piano enchants him up to now. In the beginning he was listening to hardcore, happy rave (among other things Charly Lownoise, Dune, and for a long time his favorite was a german band called Scooter).

Meanwhile he felt like to show this feelings, mind through the music, so he started to compose his own music. In 1997 he got his first music programme, which was about that he had to fit to side by side the loops which was maden by others. But this was not suitable for him, because he wanted to express himself in his musics. So he got a programme, what made these possible for him.

As the genre of the music changed, and his evolution at musics tastes the trance, but especially his attention turnd to hard techno. ,,I adore hard techno s hard bass, dynamic rhythm, crazy turns and all these incredible overall effects!,, His attention at the early hardcore, on his musics making changed into trance and hard techno too.

After he made a lot of tracks, he felt he wants to show his works to a big producer too - earlier some of his friends listened to his musics - DJ RUSH. His first record was released on 12th November 2007 at Kne Deep Records